Re: IRQ, I/O and DMA identifiers as sound module parameters?

Markus Gutschke (
4 Feb 1997 09:52:45 +0100

Colm Buckley <> writes:
> Would it be possible to make these parameters passable as MODULE_PARMs
> to the sound module, so that they could be specified at boot time? It
> would be a great boost to the flexibility of the sound subsystem if they
> could, allowing greater variety in the types of sound cards supported.

It used to be possible to specify these parameters on the commandline
for "insmod" (or in your "/etc/conf.modules" file), but Hannu removed
the documentation somewhere in the 2.0.x release cycle. I believe, he
did not remove the code, though. So just dig out an old kernel release
and read "linux/drivers/sound/Readme.linux" and/or
"linux/drivers/sound/Readme.modules" (I forgot, which of this files
contained the documentation of the parameters).

BTW, I do not think that it was a good idea to retract this
information. While Hannu was right in saying that this much
flexibility is usually not required, there are still many cases, where
it would be very convenient to allow for easy run-time


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