Re: USRobotics Pilot 68000 and OS in ROM, Fancy that!

Jes Degn Soerensen (
04 Feb 1997 16:38:01 +0100

>>>>> "Graham" == Graham Mitchell <> writes:

>> I just got my USRobotics Pilot and noticed, this is a 68000 family
>> CPU, and the OS is in ROM. Hmmm...

Graham> Waaaaaay ahead of you there old bean.....:)) You can actually
Graham> replace the ROM with a couple of FLASH ROMs (if you look at
Graham> the pic on the 1Mb memory expansion board). But even with 1Mb
Graham> of FLASH and 1Mb RAM, the chances of getting Linux working are
Graham> slim to none.....:((


You can do a Linux/m68k kernel that is less than 1MB and I actually
think it is possible to boot Linux/m68k in 2MB (including the space
needed for the kernel).