Re: Exceptions at [<c012cxxx>] (c01xxxxx)

Michael Driscoll (
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 21:18:03 -0800

>> Hello!

[snip exceptions]

>> The first of these at leaast was with kernel 2.1.23, the remainder probably
>> with 2.1.24 There is nothing else in the logs anywhere near these. Should
>> I be worrying about them?
>Basically, this means that some process passed an invalid pointer to the
>kernel. Check out Documentation/exception.txt, and arch/i386/mm/fault.c.
>This really isn't much to worry about.

What's interesting is that I reliably get an exception sometime
when compiling the kernel. This is an i586 running 2.1.x, using
'make oldconfig; make dep clean zlilo modules modules_install' to

If anyone's interested I can isolate which part of the compilation
causes the exception, it's just a time-consuming thing to do.

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