#include <config.h>

Dale R. Worley (worley@ariadne.com)
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 20:06:55 GMT

I see in various files that the "#include <config.h>" is not the first
Linux-specific #include in some source files. (See fs/proc/array.c,
where I got bitten by this.) The result of this is that if a new
configuration dependency is introduced into a header file, it is quite
possible that some uses of that header do not have access to the
correct configuration information, causing problems.

I propose that:

(1) The #include of config.h should be the *first* Linux-specific
#include in *all* source files, or

(2) There be declared some specific policy that header files should
not be sensitive to the configuration, or

(3) There is something else going on that I don't understand.

Can anybody comment on this?


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