RE: CPU upgrade compatibility?

Ray Van Tassle-CRV004 (
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 13:07:30 -0600

If you're willing to spend $100, why not spend a tad more?
In the US, Richard Trotman ( ) sells an
upgrade package--AMD K5-75 & motherboard-- for $127. He takes trade-in's,
too. With trade-ins, I upgraded my wife's computer for little more than
shipping charges.

From: on Mon, Feb 3, 1997 11:52 AM
Subject: z-CPU upgrade compatibility?

i have a humble 486/66 which, for the most part, suits me just fine.
however, i now have an application (under windows... ugh) which could
*really* use a little more horsepower. it's not worth it to me to get
a new motherboard, video card, a second simm etc, for just this app.

however... i was wondering if those $100 CPU replacement upgrades would
do anything for me (like the Evergreen DX2 -> 5x86 upgrade).

- are these things compatible with linux (i'm on Red Hat 4.0 w/ 2.0.18;
soon to move to RH 4.1 w/ 2.0.28...)?

- does anybody have any feel for what sort of speed improvement i might
actually see with this thing?


Matthew Nelson
Dynamics Technology, Inc.