Re: New mailing list?

Roel C. Lascano (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 23:58:05 -0500

Marc E. Christensen wrote:
> Why the new mailing list? linux-smp should already be fine for what you
> are talking about. Just like linux-kernel is about kernel issues,
> linux-smp is about smp issues. I think that the last thing we need is to
> fragment into another list that will just be cross-posted to anyway. I
> for one, think that development discussion has and will continue on
> linux-smp just as it has in the past - that's what the list is for -
> right?
> Just an oppinion.
I agree. Or maybe I'm missing the point. I guess the linux-smp is
supposed to be for "general" questions (i.e. Which Motherboard, How
many cpu's, How to compile....) Whereas smpdev is for kernel/software
development (i.e. Abysmal performance, /proc/smp, /proc/cpuinfo,
Multiple UltraSparcs, Multiple PowerPC....) Is this correct? But what
about "XXX seems to be broken with SMP, it used to work when 1 processor
was running." type questions... it's kinda SMP development but it's also
kinda general.

I'm going to subscribe to both and *expect* several cross posts. I
would like just one, but I can live with both and just realize I'll see
cross posts. I'll try to segragate my questions into their appropriate

Roel Lascano

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