Re: Loadlin 1.6a works with 2.1.25

Jeff Millar (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 21:46:47 -0500

At 03:44 PM 2/2/97 -1000, you wrote:
>the #define STANDARD_MEMORY_BIOS_CALL is not
>needed with 2.1.25. loadlin1.6a boots fine
>without it.

Hmmm---not on my machine. A fresh download of 2.1.25 gave the <4MB
message, I reinstall the three #defines you suggested and it worked.
I just took them out again and get the <4MB message again.

I'm open to suggestions! Maybe something different about my config file?


>On Sun, 2 Feb 1997, Jeff Millar wrote:
>> suggested adding
>> in three files of the kernel. I did that and indeed
>> it allows Loadlin 1.6a to boot kernels 2.1.22-25.
>> BUT! Why should I have to do this? As a member of
>> kernel du jour since 1.1.59, this is the first time I
>> need to add code to get mainline functionality to work.
>> Am I missing something?
>> Do all true kernel hackers use LILO?
>> When would a Loadlin boot kernel not need the define?
>> What's a "non-standard" memory bios call?
>> Shouldn't the define become part of config options?
>> jeff