What/Where is "__NR_query_module" ???

Stefan Bosnjakovic (stefan@safecomms.com)
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 03:03:34 +-100

Hi Everybody !

When I try to compile modutils-970104 or modutils-970116 I always get the following error message:

tamara:/home/install/modutils-970116 # make all
make -C util all
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/install/modutils-970116/util'
gcc -g -O -Wall -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o sys_cm.o sys_cm.c
gcc -g -O -Wall -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o sys_dm.o sys_dm.c
gcc -g -O -Wall -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o sys_gks.o sys_gks.c
gcc -g -O -Wall -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o sys_nim.o sys_nim.c
gcc -g -O -Wall -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o sys_oim.o sys_oim.c
gcc -g -O -Wall -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -c -o sys_qm.o sys_qm.c
sys_qm.c: In function `query_module':
sys_qm.c:37: `__NR_query_module' undeclared (first use this function)
sys_qm.c:37: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
sys_qm.c:37: for each function it appears in.)
sys_qm.c:37: warning: `__res' might be used uninitialized in this function
make[1]: *** [sys_qm.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/install/modutils-970116/util'
make: *** [all] Error 2

I have no idea where "__NR_query_module" comes from - its neither in the modutil-sources, nor anywhere
in my system include files.

I run kernel 2.0.28 with all masquerading patches (icmp, vdo, etc) btw. if that matters.

Obviously Im missing something important - but what ?!?

Any thoughts wellcome !

Cheers, Stefan !