3Com 3x90x series network cards.

Dan Merillat (Dan@Merillat.org)
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 20:07:34 -0500 (EST)

Hey, I was trying to get a 3c590 PCI card, and ended up with a 3x900 PCI
network card. Does this actually work? It's called an "etherlink XL"

I grepped for XL and 900 in /Documentation and /drivers/net and came up blank.

Anyway, the main chip on it is
9625K 17175404
AT&T 40-03363

Anyway, a couple questions:

Is this supported? I ended up putting a 3c509 in instead because this
server needed to be up pronto.

2) If it is, is it better then a 509 or should I return it and get a