Re: samba: complete freeze of 2.0.27 on alpha?

Chris (
2 Feb 1997 19:05:43 GMT

Michael Schwingen <> wrote in article
> OK, I now tracked it down a bit: it's the SMC Ultra ethernet card -
> replaciing it by a 3C509 made the machine work stable.
> I can reproduce the problem on my Jensen with the card using FTP: when
> transferring a big file to the machine, it completely freezes - no oops,
> error message, nothing (2.0.27/28).
> Any hint what to do to track this one down? Is this a known problem?

Gee I have four ethernet cards (all same) which also lock up the computer.
I am not running Linux, rather DOS IPX, PCTCP, Win95 and other shit like
that. I don't think it has anything to do with the OS or protocol I use,
maybe a hardware fault?