Re: Encrypted filesystem - getting off-topic

Olaf Titz (
02 Feb 1997 15:57:43 +0100

David Woodhouse <> wrote:
> What's the likelihood of anyone actually doing anything about it, though -
> AFAIK we could technically still be hanged here in the UK for making
> derogatory remarks about the Queen, according to the law, but there's no
> chance of any idiot actually trying to enforce it. Would not the same

We know that Paul McCartney and John Lennon didn't get hanged for that
last bit on the Abbey Road LP... :-)

> apply to such out-of-date legislation in the US? Has anyone been
> threatened with legal action on this point, or is everyone just being

Phil Zimmerman and Dan Bernstein, just to name two who got major legal
hassles over this. Unfortunately, this law _is_ enforced, stupid as it
may be.


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