2.1.24 patchkit #2

Alan Cox (alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk)
Sun, 2 Feb 97 01:14 GMT

The second set of primarily networking diffs are now at

They should get mirrored onto funet soon. Please check funet first.
shadow.cabi.net is on a slow link, its also currently on a slow link behind
a UK/US link with one of its T1s out while the phone company find why its
dropping 50% of packets.

This fixes the following over the last one:

o 8390.c compiles ok.
o 'idle task cannot sleep' [note 1].
o Add extra AX.25 etc networking patches from Jon Naylor.
o Localtalk works, IPDDP might work - I don't currently have the
setup to find out. Does anyone in the UK have any spare localtalk
cards. I'm after both a farallon board and the NL1000/Dayna etc
COPS supported boards. I've got 98% of a driver for the
NL1000 et al but need the hardware to finish it.
o Masquerading behaviour.
o Other small networking bugs.
o Exceptions occur on networking.
o Sangoma WANPIPE drivers added. May not work yet.
o Sangoma Wan router module partly cleaned up and added.
o A few syscalls are now not locked on SMP (stuff like getpid()).
o DOSemu runs ok on SMP boxes now.
o Doesn't default to an SMP build.
o SMP knows B step MMX pentiums dont have the MP bugs

[1] Something is funny in the current dependancies I think. I had some
odd goings on with regards to rebuilding net/core/firewall.c. I had to
make clean in the end - odd. There was a real bug too but watch the
make clean.