Loadlin 1.6a problem with 2.1.22-24

Jeff Millar (jeff@wa1hco.mv.com)
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 12:23:33 -0500

I got Loadlin 1.6a as soon as v2.1.22 came out but can't
get it to work for me. The boot out of DOS into Linux
still fails with "less than 4MB", this occurs with kernels
22, 23 and 24. Loadlin reports version 1.6a on startup so
I got that right. Recompiling with Borland 3.1 produces the
same result. I applied the matching kernel patch to 22 but
assumed it came with 23, 24, correct?

My DOS system is Win95 in command line mode

Any suggestions?