Re: Kernel error in 2.0.23

Jon Lewis (
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 00:15:54 -0500 (EST)

On 31 Jan 1997, Steve wrote:

> One of our busy servers, which had been stable on 2.0.23 for 29 days
> reported this last night...
> Jan 30 22:51:01 mars kernel: rp: WARNING: rp_handle_port called with info->flags & NO

Which version of rocket.o are you using? This is supposed to be just a
warning that "something bad" was going to happen, but the rocketport
driver caught it and did the right thing. Here's a similar situation that
just happened on my system:

rp: WARNING: rp_handle_port called with info->tty==NULL

P100, 2 RA32, 1 RA16, kernel 2.0.27, rocket.o 1.12 plus minor bug patches.
It's still running fine. I've got 48 dialup users online, and have seen
as many as 73 PPP sessions this uptime.

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