Re: Possible Kernel Memory Leak in 2.0.28

Alexander Sanda (
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 01:15:26 GMT

In article <>, (Alan Cox) wrote:

>> any rate, this deallocates the memory and stabilized my system.. Is there
>> any reason why shared memory belonging to defunct processes is not
>> automatically deallocated?
>SYS5 designers decided it would be useful to be able to leave this sort of
>state around for other programs to reopen. Yes its stupid, but we are
>kind of stuck with it. Gimp should create the shared memory, attach it,
>delete it and then use (the delete occurs on the end of the last attach)
Does this mean: If I have running a process which allocated some
chunks of shared memory, and that process crashes, the shmem won't be
deallocated ?

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