Re: A couple "normal user" questions..

Craig Milo Rogers (rogers@ISI.EDU)
Fri, 31 Jan 97 09:30:59 PST

>> Perhaps this should be a config option? CONFIG_PROC_CONFIG?
>The info in /proc along with /lib/modules and
>can be used by a user space program to deduce what in available in the
>kernel. For example take a look at /proc/filesystems and /proc/net.
>Detailed driver info would need

Maybe all the info's there (and maybe not), but part of the
point of this thread is that such information takes too much thought
to understand. Furthermore, a tool to automatically recreate a
.config script based upon current clues in /proc would probably become
a maintenance headache, as the program would have to be modified as
new .config options are added, which is fairly frequent currently.
So, it would be simpler and more reliable to simply include a copy
of .config in the kernel.

Another possibility, I suppose, would be to slip the .config
info into somehow. I think that I would prefer it in the
kernel itself, however, to ensure maximum avialability when running
comparison tests on several kernels.

Craig Milo Rogers