Re: nfs_rpc_verify: RPC call failed: 5

Rob Hagopian (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 09:32:13 -0500

>what's the reason for the following kernel messages running 2.0.28 ?
> Jan 30 10:46:23 sirrah kernel: nfs_rpc_verify: RPC call failed: 5
> Jan 30 10:47:32 sirrah kernel: nfs_rpc_verify: RPC call failed: 5
>I've been told that this only shows up since upgrade from 2.0.25 to 2.0.28.

I got the same problem when I upgraded two machines to 100-TX cards back
to back and was using 16384 for a rsize. The problem came during listing
large (300+ files) directory on the client, the RPC call error came on the
Going back to "defaults" fixed the problem (although one time since then
an ls failed but did not generate a RPC call). I tend to think the problem
is corruption due to buffer overruns on the server side (a P120 serving a
dual PPro). Why it generates error 5 is beyond me. Both machines were
running 2.0.28 and tulip .49 (now .53). The server also runs md on the
drives that are nfs mounted (which are IDE on a triton board).
-Rob Hagopian