Re: AHA-2940UW Nightmares - Mainboard & BIOS rel. Info.

Helmut Riegler (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 12:52:43 +0100 (MET)

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Marco Bravi wrote:

> Hey! I am using an ASUSTeK PVI-486SP3 with an Intel i486DX4-100
> Award Modular BISO v. 4.50G
> #401A0-0203
Yes, I had the same BIOS version.

> > Ok, take a look into the PCI-HOWTO. There are many tips about different
> > main boards, their buggy EIDE chipsets, and how you can make workarounds.
> I will be looking there for a possible workaround---I can't get a new MB
> immediately. Did you find a workable solution for your former
> configuration? Or did you have to fully upgrade your MB?

Yes, I changed MB + Processor. All other components are the same.

For my old board I found no workaround. Because you have the same MB but
an other controller I'm very sure that the problem lies in the board.

I tried the following:
Changed quite all BIOS parameters
Tried the kernel parameters from 2.0.25
Tried different SCSI drivers from Linux (NCR has two of them)

No success.

Dos and OS2 worked fine. Win95 had minor problems. Win NT crashed just
after installation. Linux crashed when I used SCSI and IDE at the same
time but it worked, when I used only one type at one time.

I didn't try a BIOS upgrade. You can get it from But I'm
not sure if it helps because Linux doesn't use the BIOS for accessing the
disks -- does it?

An other point:
This main board has a NCR Bios included, which supports my SCSI card (NCR)
directly. Because you are using a ADAPTEC, there may be a conflict.
Search through the ASUS home page for supporting information. I remember,
there where an information about this topic.

Somone mentioned that the onboard EIDE controller has problems with a
second busmastering device. But I don't know how you can fix this.

I never figured out, which EIDE chipset this board is using. Does anybody

> > I'm now using kernel 2.0.25. It has many options which you can specify at
> > compile time or at the command line for different EIDE chipsets.
> I am using an off-the-shelf, no-module 2.0.28---that should be OK.

I think the kernel version makes no sense. I had the same problems with:

> > I found some information at (you have to understand german)
> > about such problems.
> I will have to get help from a german-speaking friend...

I'm speaking german, but I've already searched for this information and
haven't found a solution.

Look very closely into PCI-HOWTO. It contains many information regarding
your problem.

If find new information or try something new or you solved the problem,
let me know, probably I can give you more hints.


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