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I think he meant to send this here, and not the majordomo and kernel
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Announcement January 30, 1997

LiS STREAMS is now available. It is referenced to kernel version 2.0.24.
It can be obtained from Caldera's FTP site as follows:

ftp.caldera.com: /pub/stuff/LiS-2.0.24.tar.gz

If you are working with a 2.0.24-ish vintage of the kernel then
you also need a patch to fix semaphores. You can obtain that from:

ftp.gcom.com: /pub/linux/src/semaphore/semaphore-2.0.24.tar.gz

Before you apply the semaphore patch check the LiS patch to see
if it contains patches for semaphore.S and sched.c already. If it
does then you can use those. If not then apply the semaphore patch

The semaphore patch that you download from gcom.com is not the last
word on the subject. It works fine for non-SMP systems. If you are
using SMP you are probably getting the very latest experimental kernel
from Linus anyway and his newest (Linux 2.1.22) will have the _real_
semaphore fix incorporated in it. LiS makes no pretense of working in
an SMP environment.

If you would like to do source level debugging in the kernel (two
machines connected by a serial link) then also pick up:

ftp.gcom.com: /pub/linux/src/gdbstub/gdbstub-2.0.24.tar.gz

For DLPI MAC driver developers: We are working on an adapter driver
here at Gcom that will fit below IP and interface downstream to DLPI
STREAMS drivers. We will post that on our FTP site in a few weeks.
So any DLPI compliant MAC drivers that you develop should be able to operate
under IP very soon.

David Grothe
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