Re: Does linux locks swap file?
Fri, 31 Jan 97 11:58:32 +1000

>> So the file sticks around until the last time its closed, even though
>> no directory entry points to it. That's fine and dandy - that's the way
>> it should be, but if its true then how come somebody claimed that removing
>> the swap file crashed the system :-(

>I've no idea. I tried it myself, and the space the swapfile occupies stays in
>use, no crash, no problem (with one exception though, you can't swapoff).

The only problem I saw reported in this regard is when you try to shut-down.
If you have a swap file in use and it's been deleted then you can't swapoff as
you mention. This means that the partition containing the file can't be
un-mounted and will be dirty on the next boot...

Russell Coker