Re: A couple "normal user" questions..

ADAM Sulmicki (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:48:56 -0500 (EST)

->> /proc/config
->> This would be simply the .config that was used in compilation of the kernel.
->> I'm sure a lot of people have kernels lying around and they don't know what
->> they compiled into it, and didn't keep the related .config around either. The
->> reason I think it should be a /proc option is that it would be an easy reminder
->> and a small portion of code.
->I don't want 8K of my kernel wasted because I can't remember to save config
->files. For vendors they can ship configs with the kernel. One thing slackware
->did get right is providing config and files for the default

I like this idea, maybe in a bit different form, but still it is every so
often that I have Linux running on serveral boxes and after few weeks I
come back to one of them scratching head and thinking what was the config
I used to compile it. (I usually save the config as machine names like
ax.cfg, styx.cfg beast.cfg, but still it is usually hard time to figure
out which cfg was the best one, while I do know that the currently running
one certainly was the beast of best kernels)

But my idea is to add to make {menu,x}config option to read current
settings from kernel (like pcmcia-cs does )apart from ability to read them
from saved file. Just so that I can tell it to read current settings and
then go over all options and check what changed or could be Improved.

By the way, just wondering, shouldn't the /dev/sndstat be in /proc
directory, I think it is proper place for it.