Alan Cox (
Thu, 30 Jan 97 22:49 GMT

This is the next big block of networking merges. It also includes various
of the small post 2.1.24 fixes other people have posted that I needed
to make my machine run sanely. Modules seems to almost work now but
select as per 2.1.24 is still broken for a few cases like the rpc stuff.
I guess Linus can fix that 8)

It adds byte counts to the network devices. Most devices don't keep these
yet but that won't break anything but the numbers.

Summary of changes

o First parts of Wan router support from Sangoma
o IP Forwarding CONFIG option removed
o Localtalk drivers for Farallon/Apple card (May not compile)
o First parts of WANPIPE driver support (say N in config for this
diff) - if you say Y it will break
o CS8390 driver
o Brief VFS document
o Serial console (I needed it to debug, and it works and what the
hell it wants merging)
o More SMP notes (Oops the patch defaults to an SMP field so
single processor folk edit the top level Makefile ;))
o Added URL for WDT watchdog cards
o Boot setup fixes from the loadlin crew
o B stepping SMP warning doesnt warn about P6's (which are fine)
as well as B step P5's (which are not)
o SJ and ISP16 CDROM fix off the list
o APM bios fix - now compiles
o VESA fix off list - now my X11 works with APM configured..
o Drivers now use net_device_stats and can keep byte counters
o Gratutiously reformatted the frame relay code
o Big select() patch.
o Modules buffer length fix
o IP over DDP (totally untested)
o Firewall uses a proper semaphore
o iovec fixes
o Socket syscalls cleaned up
o Metricom support fixed
o Routing message changes
o TCP protocol error fixes
o Fix module error in AF_INET6

I've got 4 or 5 patches to apply to get level with the list and the
WAN stuff to finish merging. However if a few folks can look for the
small errors in that stuff it will really help me move things on
and get a 2nd set that is clean of small accidental breakages

And a big thanks to the people who contributed most of those patches

Alan Cox - see the Penguin we got Linus