Re: "Interesting Multitasking Bug" update
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 16:33:01 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, The Doctor What wrote:

> I have noticed that text displaying on a console tends to "eat" time
> slices, too. I don't have linux up and running here at work, but how
> about repeating your experiment using an X TERM and see how that works?
> I'm curious if this is a bug in the console or something else.

It looks to be the console. As per your advise, I tried it in an XTERM,
and had no problem. It looks like maybe the console code could use a
schedule() somewhere, but there's probably a better way.

'Course I did run into a problem with running out of free kernel memory
for DMA buffers. I can easily hack my kernel to fix that (or kludge around
it), either way, myself, though. :) That's my fault, I think.

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