Re: Ftape w/ new TR-3EX tapes

Mike Wangsmo (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 12:55:48 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Claus-Justus Heine wrote:

> Mike Wangsmo <> writes:
> > Is anybody working on modifying the Ftape driver for the tavern tape
> > drives to recognize the new TR-3EX tapes? They are _supposedly_
> > compatable with the regular TR-3 tapes, but ftape doesn't like them.
> >
> > They are a 2.2/4.4G tape that works with the standard T3000 type floppy
> > tape drives.
> Hi!
> There were some notes about these TR-3EX tapes on the linx-tape
> mailing list recently. Could you please specify the problems a bit
> more precise? What I need to know about is
> 1) The version of ftape you were trying to use

I am using ftape-2.08 from the kernel source tree.

> 2) The messages the ftape driver writes to the kernel
> log. Specifically if it complains about an unknown header segment
> format or something like this.

Jan 30 12:53:05 bridger kernel: [248] ftape-ctl.c (ftape_calc_timeouts)
- Unknown tape length, using worst case timing values!.
Jan 30 12:53:07 bridger kernel: [249] ftape-read.c (read_header_segment)
- unknown tape format, please report !.

> Also, if you were trying to use ftape-3.02 with the zftape frontend
> then you were out of luck because there are some problems with signed
> 32bit integers. I'm fixing it but it will take some more days until
> the next version of ftape is ready

Should I be using a newer ftape than that of the one included with the
kernel? I just got the tape drive last week, so I am kind of unfamiliar
with everything related to the tape stuff. I also see that using mt, I
can't position a tape in the Colorado T3000 tape drives. ANys suggestions

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