Modules in 2.1.24/modutils 2.1.23

Hannu Savolainen (brianc@saintjoe.EDU)
Thu, 30 Jan 97 0:20:31 CST

I am happy to report that *most* module-related stuff on my module-heavy
system has now returned to functionality, with one notable (and, unfortch for
me, necessary) exception: ppp.

When I try to load the ppp module, i get:
> ppp.o: unresolved symbol slhc_init_R3e774d97
> ppp.o: unresolved symbol slhc_free_R24364f62
> ppp.o: unresolved symbol slhc_uncompress_R4ee5b5ff
> ppp.o: unresolved symbol slhc_toss_Ra111567b
> ppp.o: unresolved symbol slhc_remember_R537f5b94
> ppp.o: unresolved symbol slhc_compress_Rae9e195e

I'll bet somebody out there will know what to do with that, which brings up
a nice question: can Joe Blow read up on modules in a fairly thorough way
somewhere out on the net, so he can help himself instead of appealing to the

On an unrelated note, I would also like to pitch another anomaly at this group,
and bet there's somebody who'll know just what this is all about: after the
spate of "broken flock emulation" errors some number of versions ago, something
changed in the kernel and all of them went away except the one caused by my
trying to start the lpd daemon, but despite the complaint it worked normally.

At 2.1.17, that all changed, and the error message went away. But now, when
I try to fire up lpd, I get the following in syslog:

> /var/spool/lpd/lpd.lock: Invalid argument

I've poked around for a new lpd somewhere, but to no avail.

If either/both of these are "clueless newbies" please let me know. Otherwise,
there we are. . . . .