Star Destroyer (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 23:48:39 -0500 (EST)

I've tried to compile my 2.0.27 with sbpcd support as module. After
mak'ing zlilo, modules, and install_modules and rebooting, I get over
2 screenfulls of stuff like this when trying to insmod sbpcd:

(main) up_wakeup undefined
(main) wait_for_request undefined
(main) wake_up undefined
(main) vsprintf undefined
(main) current_set undefined
(main) jiffies undefined
(main) schedule undefined
(main) del_timer undefined
(main) add_timer undefined
(main) down_failed undefined
(main) verify_area undefined
(main) vfree undefined
(main) vmalloc undefined
(main) read_ahead undefined
(main) panic undefined
(main) invalidate_buffers undefined
(main) block_read undefined
(main) block_write undefined
(main) check_region undefined
(main) register_blkdev undefined
(main) request_region undefined
(main) unregister_blkdev undefined
(main) release_region undefined
Failed to load module !

What gives?