New patch version: Display and keyboard drivers configuration option for embedded systems

Kohtala Marko (
30 Jan 1997 01:23:50 +0200

There is now a new version of the patch. There has been no feedback
from any others, even when there vere some bugs.

Get it from here:

This patch is to make the virtual terminal tty devices be a
configuration option. This is of use to those wanting to run Linux on
machines that have no video or keyboard hardware.

The patch is needed by few groups porting Linux to MVME or other
embedded systems. However, this is just about all I can do to it
without your feedback.

The patch defines three new CONFIG_ macros
CONFIG_VT for inclusion of console, vt, vc_screen,
consolemap, selection, keyboard and defkeymap
CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE for directing printk to the VT device
CONFIG_VT_SERIAL for directing printk to the standard serial device

Both CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE and CONFIG_VT_SERIAL can be used together in
which case the output goes to both. To support this, there is a new
console device list with entries for this output. The list also has
entries for waiting a key press and for determining what device really
to open for /dev/console, but these are used only from the device at
the head of the list.

The rest of the change is to move some code from tty_io.c to other
files where it seems to fit better. This avoids some #ifdef CONFIG_VT
/ #endif.

Marko Kohtala -,