Re: 2.1.24 / DOSEMU / DOS 7

Robert Anderson (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 17:30:13 -0500

>2.1.24 (SMP) crashes when I run dosemu and DOS 7, unless I hit F8 quickly
>as it's "booting" and make it run in "safe mode". So I suppose it's
>something to do with the exception trapping.
>2.1.22 didn't have this problem. 2.1.23 I didn't bother with. Given that
>there were lots of changes to the vm86 code in '23, but none in '24, it's
>a fair bet that '23 was broken, too.
>Any ideas?
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I'm not sure if you're having the same problem I found or not. Does
you're dos work find under a virtual console? I have configured my
dosemu to use graphics (usually from a virtual terminal), but when I
run it under X it works fine as long as I don't display ANY VGA
graphics. Since I'm booting the command line mode of Win95 I get the
windows Splash screen and that will cause it to die.

My solution is like your's. When I run dosemu from X I hit ESC in the
window before it has a change to display graphics. I can then run
Quicken for dos without any problems. Although if I tried to display
a graph it would die.

If this sounds like what you're seeing. Then I would suggest you
remove the graphics capabilities from dosemu.conf or use dosemu from a
virtual console. Anybody know a better way around this?

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