Recovered errors on ide1

Dale Scheetz (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 13:34:34 -0500 (EST)

I have seen several postings on this problem, but the responses were less
than helpful. What I get is a hand full of error messages on hdc that end
in a "reset successful" message. Others who have reported this have been
told that they have a failing drive. This is NOT the case, at least with
my machine. I have a CMD640 chipset driving dual on-board ide controlers
on a P75 PCI mother board. There is a single drive on ide1 and two drives
on ide0. The drive on ide1 is a Western Digital 1.4 gig drive that is/was
brand new when installed about 3 months ago. To verify that it might be
the drive, I swapped the WD with one of the Seagates on ide0. The errors
continued, so I swapped them back. The errors never left hdc during the
swap period or after. They don't happen often. Sometimes I go for days
without one, and then I come to the machine in the morning and see the
screen splattered with the standard errors.
As these errors showed up after the last big push to fix the CMD640 code,
I can only conclude that this is where the problem is. Any folks have a
better idea than "the drives broke"?



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