Re: Driver for Travan Streamers

rohrer keith w (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 12:17:08 -0600 (CST)

> Hi Linux Fans,
> I am having a Colorade T4000s Travan (TR-4) SCSI streamer. Unfortunately
> canīt it be used with the standard SCSI streamer driver as it requires the
> tape being formatted
It's true that the TR-4 drives can't format their tapes, so you have to
buy preformatted ones, but all the tapes sold are therefore preformatted.
I use the Seagate version (TapeStor 8000, internal SCSI) with
the standard mt commands and it behaves just like any other /dev/st0 or
/dev/nst0. The only thing that approches not working is that the media
descriptor byte is not any previously known media (which is, of course,
the correct thing to do).

> and used like a floppy tape.
Huh? How are you trying to use this device that it's failing? Besides
the fact that it doesn't like to format tapes? mt erase works just fine...

> Is there somewhere a
> driver around or is it in the pipe (maybe a modified Ftape driver)? Any
> help welcome.
Treat it just like any other scsi tape. Perhaps your version of mt is
old, or floppy-tape specific? Are you calling the device by the right