Re: stable kernel, when?

Ralf Baechle (ralf@Julia.DE)
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 01:46:56 +0100 (MET)


> > LMP kernel does indicate that we are the Linux Maintenance Project. As
> > for when the project is going to start work on 2.0.x, well, that's not
> > decided either. There is a certain amount of logic behind waiting until
> > Linus stops putting out 2.0.x kernels before getting to work for the simple
> > need of avoiding duplication of effort. Not only that, but not all of the
> > members of the project (mainly myself :) have made a full switch to the
> > 2.0.x kernel series.
> We also need a Penguin, so if anyone wants to contribute a Linux penguin
> holding a wrench or similar then we can have the LMP (Linux Maintenance
> Penguin) which is as everyone knows vital to a Linux project.

I could offer a picture of a mega cute knitted Penguin with "Linux"
written on the brest. Putting some tool in the hand of the Pengiun should
be no problem. Hell, where is that electronic camera ...