Re: 2.1.22 name space analysis

Alan Cox (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 23:49:40 +0000 (GMT)

> Perhaps it's time for a bug fix freeze. Get the existing code to
> compile clean and run, together with clean modutils and pcmcia before
> rewriting more sections of the kernel.

Not a good idea for the net code as their are some chunks ahead that will
cause small changes but large scale noise.

I'd like to get the modules stuff right. It is close and once I have that
I can compile every driver again easily and test quite a few. For the
net code I'm working from the bottom up cleaning and commenting code and
documenting bugs and flaws (see the FIXME: entries), other folk (Pedro,
Alexey etc) are working on the internals of the IP stacks. IPv4 is now
at the stage its pretty much sane and with the newest tcp patches from
Pedro is maybe not 100% but is solid enough for real testing.

I hope to have the device interface, appletalk and probably ipx stacks
completely cleaned up over the next couple of months then attack AF_UNIX