Re: Controller trashes FS (what's new)

david parsons (o.r.c@p.e.l.l.c.h.i.i.l.u.s)
28 Jan 1997 09:37:16 -0800

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Mike Kilburn <> wrote:
>It was my understanding that you must re-format your
>drive when switching SCSI controllers.

It depends on the controller and (I think) if you've enabled any
scheme for DOS >1gb addressing. I pretty routinely shuffle disks
between a variety of BusLogic 94[68], Adaptec 2940, Adaptec
154[02][BC[F]] and NCR 810 controllers and don't recall ever having
any trouble with them. The caviat is that the boot disks are almost
always <1GB in size and I nevernevernever enable the DOS translation
on them.

The 'Controller trashes FS' problem sounds like a problem I had a
couple of years ago where I was drawing too much power from the
power supply, and when something heavy-duty kicked in disks would
start dropping offline, with hilarious consequences.

david parsons \bi/