Re: Arp Table and Routing

Terry Dawson (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:41:06 +1100

A.N.Kuznetsov wrote:

> Alas,* is all, that I have.
> I beg pardon, this code lives in kernel only for month
> (really, it is ~6 month old) and, moreover, it still changes.
> It is very difficult (at least, for me) to describe its features
> in a readable form (and not in broken English :-))
> Look at these poor documents, then ask me what is not clear.
> I answer all the questions. If I'll answer something obscure,
> answer again.

If noone else is already doing it I'm happy to try and keep something
up to date in /usr/src/Documentation. I'm going to need to do
this in the NET-HOWTO anyway.