Re: UMAX Vista-S6E SCSI Interface card

Michael K. Johnson (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 14:55:02 -0500

Guilhem Lavaux writes:
>I've bought a few days ago an UMAX Scanner and, with it, an interface
>card was given: UDS-IS11. I don't want to buy an Adaptec or another
>SCSI card.
>Anyone known if there is a native SCSI driver written for this card
>or else where can I fetch its specifications.

That brand name doesn't tell us anything. Look at the chips on the
board, and compare them against your options when configuring the

One of those boards is based on the NCR53c400a chip, but I never got
it working successfully with the Linux driver, even after I soldered
an interrupt onto it. I use BusLogic and 53c8xx myself.

Also, the umax scanner driver I wrote doesn't yet support the S6E.
I'm looking for help on that; let me know if you want to extend the
driver to support the S6E and I'll give you some pointers.


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