compile probs with 2.1.23

Aaron Dewell (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 21:10:57 -0900 (AKST)

drivers/char/rtc.c and apm_bios.c (at least) need <asm/poll.h>.

sound driver failes because select_table isn't found. I'm not
surprised, I can't find it anywhere either. The only thing I
see similar is in <asm/ide.h>, a union called select_t.

The isdn drivers have many errors, such as 'no member named
free' (from struct sk_buff). I noticed this in 2.1.22 as well.
I would assume that the newest isdn patches haven't gotten in
yet, but I haven't looked yet.

floppy driver (when moduled) does:
MODULE_PARM(floppy, "s");

twice. I commented out the first one, and it compiled, whether
it works or not is yet to be determined.

Aaron Dewell Sysadmin at Large