Re: Jettisoning initialization code...

Tom Dyas (
Sun, 26 Jan 97 15:03:05 EST

> There was some talk not too long ago about freeing up memory used by
> functions and data that are only referenced during initialization by
> grouping them together into their own ELF section that could be
> discarded after setup was complete. I was looking at the Sparc stuff in
> 2.1.23 to see how this was done.
> I probably missed it, but where in the code do the text.init and
> data.init sections get released?

grep free_initmem arch/{sparc,i386}/kernel/*.c

The SPARC stuff depends on a script to ld to setup some of the symbols
that point to the start and end of the init sections. See
arch/sparc/ for more information.