Re: A few questions regarding Modular Kernels

Donnie Barnes (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:22:55 -0500

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>I am presently downloading the kernel sources from for
>version 2.1.23 as per a suggestion on the list from L. Torvalds.
>It occurred to me that to test this kernel I'm going to have to install a
>new set of modules (I guess 2.1.13, as its the latest file available
>there). My question has to do with the 'test' installation of 2.1.23:
>will the new modules I install work with the existing 2.0.18 kernel I
>presently have running? or will I be forced to rebuild the kernel/module
>system each time I want to fall back to a more stable configuration?

Please do not EVER crosspost messages to lists that have high
volume (like the kernel list and the redhat-list). This can
cause terrible things to happen if you start a long thread. (I
actually don't mind if you do it, as long as you set a Reply-To:
in your header to be one list or the other).

To answer the question, the later modules packages are backward
compatible according to the READMEs. You probably actually want to
use the modules packages from,
but that stuff appears to be missing right now due to a glitch on
Richard Henderson's end (looks that way to me, though he may have
just moved things...I try and get it back soon, but for now the
home site is


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