2.1.22 name space analysis

Keith Owens (kaos@ocs.com.au)
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 19:52:33 +1100

The kernel name space pollution has improved slightly, the report is
getting smaller. The report is against a full i386 kernel compile with
as much code as possible compiled as modules.

Name space analysis for 2.1.22. Sections :-
1) .config used for the analysis.
2) Empty modules (no useful code).
3) Multiply defined symbols.
4) Unresolvable external references.
5) External symbols which are not used outside the modules in which
they are defined. As a slight change from previous analysis,
EXPORT_...(symbol) is not counted as a reference, this picks up
symbols that are exported but not used. Symbols whose only external
reference is by EXPORT_... are marked "(export only)".

The full report is too big to mail (2,700 lines). It can be fetched by
anonymous ftp from ftp://ftp.ocs.com.au/pub/extra_externals-2.1.22.gz.
Could developers please look at this report and see if their symbols
really need to be externally visible (for many sources the answer is