Linux-2.1.22 or lilo?

Peter Leif Rasmussen (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 23:22:24 -0500

I have the habit to use "make bzImage" when I compile new kernels, and with the
newest I encountered a problem with that, i.e. linux-2.1.22. I don't know if
the problem is actually lilo specific, I use version 19, but here it goes:

When compiling the kernel and after that running lilo to alter the MBR to
enable me to use the new kernel, when I reboot I get a funny error-message
if the kernel image came from doing "make bzImage", but not if I used
"make zImage" (apparently, because that is the kernel I am using just now ;)

It says something like: Less than 4MB memory
--- system halted

And after that I have to reset the machine as a Ctrl-Alt-Del wont reboote it.

If I have done completely the same compile, but using "make zImage" instead,
I encounter no problems.

The reason I belive it might actually be lilo specific is that even if I put in
"mem=40MB" (because that is the RAM I have on the system) it dosn't seem to use
it. I am also not able to see any messages about the kernel having read that
message, compared to when I use other options like "hdd=cdrom" or
"ide0=autotune" that I can see during boot as "ide_setup: hdd=cdrom" and
"ide_setup: ide0=autotune".

I can't see that the option "mem=XXMB" (where XX is the actual amount of memory
on the system) is documented anywhere, but I have seen several postings noting
this, especially with regard to when RAM is larger than 64MB.

I have not been able to find what could be wrong, but would as a good minimum-
Linux citizen like to report the problems I do encounter :-)

Thank you very much,