Gary White (gary@netpathway.com)
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 16:35:56 -0600


I'm having a problem with ftape. I have two machines
both running the 2.0.28 kernel, ftape 2.08, Colorado Jumbo
1400, and both using a fc-20 interface card. One machine
a 80486DX-4 100 with 16 megs of ram backs up flawlessly
The second machine a Pentium 120 with the Intel chipset
and 32 megs of ram aborts the backup process with a timer
expired error. Only two differences in the kernel configuration.
The processor type is set to a pentium rather that a 486 and Intel
82371 PIIX (Triton I/II) DMA support is selected. The exact
error I get is....

/bin/tar: Cannot write to /dev/ftape: Timer expired

Seems like read where someone else had this same problem but
I've looked back in several thousand emails and can't
seem to find it any reference to it, Anybody else have this

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