Re: 2.1.22 modules problems

Wayne Brown (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 11:44:51 -0600 (CST)

Nick Bruton wrote:
> Thanks for the help in compiling 2.1.22 but I now have a problem with
> modules, I am using modutils-970118 but NO modules will load and are
> giving an error message that says basically get a newer version of
> modutils.
> Help please
> Thanks Nick

You need to apply the kernel patches from modutils-970118 to your kernel
source. These patches are for 2.1.21, so some of them will fail when you
try to apply them to 2.1.22. You'll need to look at the *.rej files and
apply the changes with an editor. There were only a few rejects, and only
one or two really needed to be applied; most were trying to fix things that
had already been fixed in 2.1.22. Or just wait until the next modutils
snapshot comes out if you're not comfortable doing patches by hand.

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Wayne Brown