Re: Dual-faced OS (was Good point of Linux over Windows NT)

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> Subject: Dual-faced OS (was Good point of Linux over Windows NT)
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> >occurred to me what a splendid thing it would be if someone developed an
> >OS which had both a nice, user-friendly GUI, for the graphic designers
> >and secretaries, and a good command-line interface, like a UN*X shell and
> >commands, that's fully tweakable. Imagine--a real choice!
> Have you driven a BeBox lately? (A bit hypocritical since I haven't
> either...) Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that bash and
> many of the GNU utils have been ported. And Be loves developers -- gives
> them hardware price breaks even. On the other side, the graphical
> capabilities are reportedly phenomenal.
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I have a buddy using it and it looks hot. It's got many UNIX thingies and has a
well built gui.

Thayne Harbaugh