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On 24 Jan 97 at 20:05, Alan Cox wrote:

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> Subject: Re: If Linux is to succeed
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> Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 20:05:59 +0000 (GMT)
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> > Quote from my boss: "What the hell is taking [the WINE project] so long?
> > Can they solve their problems if we just gave them money? We have to pay
> > for dozens of Win95 licenses *anyway* so it's not like it makes a
> > difference to us to give the money to someone else."
> Wine and wabi are ultimately irrelevant. When one vendor controls an API
> they simply wait until they day after a new Wine/Wabi comes out add
> 16 new features and use them heavily in their next upgrade to each package
> Two months later nothing works again

This is very probably true. I am one of interested, but not on
current WABI, because applications for it are getting old. According
to previous, it will always be the case, regardless of what effort
anyone will put to development of it. This is of course limitation of
success of such OS (everytime not first - look to success of OS/2,
which is also trying to emulate Win API).

The question is if Linux should either make success with
applications developed for it (i.e. if Linux community trusts
itself enough to go for such goal probably without turning it to real
business) or if it will either only use success of others for which
it will create environment and try to adopt it.

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