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I have also a problem with a "sleeping device":
A EZFlyer (230MB) attachedd to my external
SCSII-Bus (NCR53x810). After removing a media
from the drive and wating for <n> minutes, I
cannot access the drive any longer. Sometimes
it would help to re-insert the media several
times until sthe drives wakes up (you can hear
click--clack--clack from the read/write heads
then. Often I have to reboot. The first time
before I recognized what's going on I hang
the kernel by mounting the sleeping Flyer.
No timeouts! But I think, there should one
be implemented?!!

Is there a chance to reset the SCSI-Bus for
scanning all devices a second time?

I am still using 2.1.13...

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On 24-Jan-97 Christopher A. Smith wrote:
>Lutz Kittler wrote originally:
>> I have a problem with a Iomege-Jaz-Drive.
>> When the jaz-drive is mounted and is not used for a
>> longer time , then it is sleeping. That's okay,
>> but after this you cannot access the device.
>In response to Eugenio Jimenez Yguacel's question, "Which SCSI contro
>do you have?", Lutz Kittler wrote:
>> we use Adaptec 2940.
>> Today I installed kernel 2.0.28, but I dont want to test the jaz-dr
>> on a normal day, because the jaz-drive is on the file server.
>> If I get the same problem, I will have troubles to do my backup.
>> Which kernel do you use?
>I bought a Jaz drive two months ago, at which point I was running Lin
>2.0.25 on Redhat 4.0. I'd had tremendous trouble because my Adaptec
>2940UW didn't like my SCSI cables, but after replacing them, everythi
>ran fine. Processes accessing a sleeping Jaz drive would hang, but o
>the bugger was up to speed, things ran fine. The only program that h
>had trouble with a sleeping Jaz drive has been e2fsck, which would gi
ve me
>the "Are you REALLY sure there's something on that device" error mess
>once the drive has spun up, but the e2fs programs on my machine -- an
d the
>kernel (I'm still running 2.0.25) -- need to be upgraded.
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