Re: If Linux is to succeed

Eric Youngdale (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 18:01:03 -0500

> Quote from my boss: "What the hell is taking [the WINE project] so long?
> Can they solve their problems if we just gave them money? We have to pay
> for dozens of Win95 licenses *anyway* so it's not like it makes a
> difference to us to give the money to someone else."

There are really two areas. There is still missing
functionality, and there are bugs. I cannot really speak to the
amount of missing functionality, but debugging wine bugs can be fairly

In order to make this end of things easier, I spent a couple
of weeks beefing up the internal debugger so that it is aware of
things like datatypes, line numbers, source files, stack variables
(including function parameters), conditional breakpoints, and a few
other goodies. It is now possible (in 32 bit mode, anyways) to step
through the Win32 <-> Wine just like you were single stepping with
gdb. Only Visual is supported - nothing for Borland yet, unless
Borland stores debug information in a manner that is compatible with
Visual. I am not sure how many people really use Borland anyways.

All this stuff went in only a few weeks ago, so it is too soon
to say how much this will help. It can't hurt. Ask some of the Wine
developers about 6 months from now.

The ideal thing right now would be for people to take
applications which can be built from sources with debugging enabled,
and run these through wine. This will be by far the best way to
hammer things out with Wine, since you will be able to examine the
data structures both within the Win32 application and Wine at the same