mem_start for 1.2.13

Chris Pallotta (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 15:26:12 -0500


I have Red Hat 3.0.3 ("Picasso" - kernel 1.2.13) currently running.
I noticed in "drivers/char/mem.c" the routine chr_dev_init() uses the
"mem_start" facility to allocate kernel memory. However, in the book
"Linux A-Z" by Phil Cornes - mem_start is documented, on p.377, as:

"a Linux specific memory allocation mechanism used at system
boot time, when a device driver's init() function is called,
Though for kernels from 1.1.33 onwards, this technque is no
longer available."

Kernels from 1.1.33 onwards??? Wouldn't that include Red Hat Picasso?
Or has Red Hat decided to retain "mem_start" for their own releases?
Perhaps this question should go to ? -
Flame me if necessary, but I'd love hearing some valued opinions.

Thanks In Advance,

- Chris Pallotta