Re: If Linux is to succeed

Jon M. Taylor (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:57:41 -0800 (PST)

On 24 Jan 1997, Zygo Blaxell wrote:

> In article <9701231427.ZM8441@platypus>,
> Jason Benderly <jbenderl@PaineWebber.COM> wrote:
> >Sorry for the waste of bandwidth but the subject is
> >the most important one facing Linux, and it has been
> >mentioned on the list.
> I second the motion to have a separate list for Linux advocacy
> ("linux-future");

Count me in, too. Lots of people, myself included, occasionally
want to discuss 'where Linux is/will/should be going' type topics, and
they do have a place, but that place is not linux-kernel. Linux-kernel
is huge enough just with the appropriate technical discussions |->.

> Adobe, Sun, and HP get most of their business from large customers;
> they don't really have the infrastructure for dealing with millions of
> individual users.
> Quote from my boss: "What the hell is taking [the WINE project] so long?
> Can they solve their problems if we just gave them money? We have to pay
> for dozens of Win95 licenses *anyway* so it's not like it makes a
> difference to us to give the money to someone else."

If people like your boss would kick in a programmer or two every
time they saw a feature or app that they wished Linux had, Linux would be
able to do everything in existence in about a year |->. I think that the
idea of running an OS that can easily be extended to support *whatever*
oddball protocol/device/interface/whatever would be very appealing to a
lot of IS types if they knew about it.