Re: If Linux is to succeed

Jelle Foks (
24 Jan 1997 14:34:49 GMT

Jason Benderly <jbenderl@PaineWebber.COM> wrote:
> Hi,

> Sorry for the waste of bandwidth but the subject is
> the most important one facing Linux, and it has been
> mentioned on the list.

> Linux needs applications to succeed in business. No question
> about it. Not the pathetic Applix or buggy WordPerfect. Why is
> it that the Windows API has not been ported to Unix? Why not the
> Microsoft Foundation classes? Why not ActiveX/OLE/DCOM.

> Microsoft operating systems are second rate. Everyone knows that.
> Microsoft applications and applications architectures are the very best.
> Everyone knows that too, and that is why they hold 90% of the market.

This is B.S.

If MS is second rate, then why implement all that MS support on Linux?

Java will save the world... amen.